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An irreplaceable gift "nature" given by the earth. The ANEOS Group has valued “coexistence between nature and people”.

With socioeconomic sophistication, environmental destruction on a global scale has become an issue. In addition, unprecedented natural disasters occur globally, threatening people's lives. Therefore, observation of the natural environment and prediction of natural disasters are more important than ever.

Ogasawara Keiki Seisakusho has advanced technical capabilities based on its abundant achievements over 1886 years since its establishment in 130.And Nippon Electric Instrument always provides meteorological observation solutions that incorporate the latest technologies of the times.These two companies merged in August of the first year of Reiwa, and under the new company name, ANEOS Corporation took a step toward the next era.

“Measure” natural phenomena with high precision using observation equipment. Then, use the IoT technology such as IoT and cloud for the observed data to provide a one-stop weather observation solution. That is the mission of ANEOS. Aiming to be a leading company in weather observation, we will strive to create new value.
Please look forward to it.

Representative Director and Chairman Yuji Nozawa
Hiroshi Nozawa, President and CEO 

Ogasawara Keiki Seisakusho's advanced technical capabilities over 130 years since its establishment,
Nippon Electric Instrument's advanced proposal capabilities.
ANEOS uses these 2 synergies as a source of strength.

A weather observation solution is more than just selling a weather instrument. What kind of “safety and security” are customers aiming for based on weather data? From the same perspective as our customers, we will work from the customer's standpoint to identify issues and work together to create solutions. In order to support the realization of customer objectives, in order to make customer feedback even more important, ANEOS offers a one-stop shop for product development, manufacturing, system design, construction and maintenance. .

ANEOS has released high-precision meteorological observation equipment to the world with the world's highly advanced in-house development capabilities. These products are manufactured in-house with the aim of maintaining and improving quality. And since we know all about our products through development and manufacturing, we can perform appropriate maintenance even after installation. Meteorological observation is a continuous measurement. It is also important to build an observation system with a view to extensibility that will continue to grow according to customer needs, and connect it to the next generation system while maintaining and operating it. It is the advanced system design that incorporates ICT technologies such as network and cloud to enable such data transfer. In response to customer issues, ANEOS proposes the best solutions using the know-how cultivated through extensive experience.
World-class quality ✕ ANEOS wants to be a customer's “meteorological observation solution partner” with its strength in solution proposals based on advanced technologies.

Adopted by AMeDAS

"Is the weekend athletic meet sunny?" "Is it possible to wear a coat soon?" The weather forecast everyone sees every day. This is based on data from AMeDAS (Regional Meteorological Observation System) of the Japan Meteorological Agency, which consists of approximately 1,300 weather stations in Japan.
The regional meteorological observation center (commonly known as the AMeDAS Center) within the Japan Meteorological Agency automatically collects data obtained at AMeDAS stations every 10 minutes.

Data is distributed throughout the country after quality checks, and plays an important role in preventing and reducing weather disasters.
Our rain gauges have been in use since 1974, when AMeDAS began operation.
In addition, 2005 type AMeDAS, which has been developed since 04, has been equipped with our Wind Speed ​​and Direction meter, ventilated thermometer, and snow cover, and has played a role in supporting Japan's weather observation.

AMeDAS, which covers the whole of Japan, which has a long land in the north and south, requires stable and continuous weather observation without interruption for 365 days and 24 hours even in a wide range of environments, such as the extreme cold in the north and the scorching heat in the south.
Our experience at AMeDAS proves the durability and high quality of our weather instruments.

AMeDAS / AMeDAS is an abbreviation for Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System.

Supporting safe operation with a weather information network

There are about 1 aircraft flying around Japan in the 3,600 day. In order to ensure the safe takeoff and landing of such a large number of aircraft, aviation weather observations are conducted at airfields nationwide.
Observed meteorological factors include wind, visibility, runway viewing distance, atmospheric phenomena, clouds, air temperature, dew point temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, precipitation, snowfall or snow depth. These data are collected in real time to support airport control such as take-off and landing permission and guidance for aircraft.

ANEOS observation devices are active in more than approximately 100 airfields nationwide. We have been watching Japan's air safety in 1990 since the delivery of the wind observation system for aircraft in 30. Currently, we are providing a one-stop service for aircraft integrated weather observation system (abbreviated as AIMOS) under the jurisdiction of the Japan Meteorological Agency from design to manufacturing, installation adjustment and maintenance management.

ANEOS observation equipment contributes to the realization of AIMOS, which requires all information to be managed on the network.

Observe the wind at the moment that the world watched

At the Nagano Olympics, the Japanese national team won the first gold medal in the Men's Jump Large Hill organization.
1998 year 2 month 17 day, ski jump team battle was held in bad weather. As a result, in the 1 jump, the Japanese team will not be able to improve the 4 position. The snowstorm became stronger and the competition was finally canceled. Whether the game will be resumed or will be canceled as it is, the whole world will watch over the jumping table with a grudge. If canceled, Japan will be ranked 4 and the road to the gold medal will be closed.
Here test jumpers flew desperately and appealed to continue the match. Fortunately, the weather has recovered, and the 2 jump has started. Northeast wind, wind speed 0.4m / s, wind is weak now is your chance. Harada, who lost a great deal in the 1 series, made a decision to break his leg and recorded a score exceeding K points of 137m. Last, Funaki decided a stable jump, and the Japanese team got a gold medal of desire. The day when the players were impressed by the joy and tears of the players. The wind speed and direction meter of ANEOS was used to measure the wind on the jumping table.

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