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Meteorological observation system for fire fighting


Our weather observation system plays an active role in the field of fire and disaster prevention nationwide.

Information disclosure and visualization in real time

Due to recent extreme weather, typhoons, guerrilla heavy rains, and other sudden changes in weather conditions, major damage such as river flooding, landslides, and overtopping may occur.
Damage can be minimized by monitoring local information in real time, which cannot be covered only by TV or radio weather information.
In the event of a disaster, important data such as river water level data, basin rainfall, and tidal wave height at the port collected through optical and wireless links must be delivered to the required location as quickly and accurately as possible. .
In the past, information was obtained from TV, radio, or broadcasts of disaster prevention administrative radio, but in recent years, due to the spread of networks, it has been published on the website, emergency warning emails, and emergency information distribution using SNS. It is

Natural disasters that threaten property and life, such as strong winds and heavy rains caused by typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornadoes. Collecting weather information is indispensable for disaster prevention and mitigation activities.
In firefighting activities, meteorological information collection equipment is supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in hundreds of locations nationwide as a device necessary for the maintenance work of the high-performance fire command center in 15.

In addition, in the disaster prevention work of local governments nationwide, the introduction of a centralized monitoring system for water level and rainfall is being promoted as a measure against heavy rain and flooding.
The latest disaster prevention meteorological observation system is a system that uses the Internet, e-mail, and homepage so that anyone can access the information that has been browsed only by persons in charge in related departments.
By disclosing and distributing meteorological information, such as typhoons, earthquakes, and guerrilla heavy rains, in real time, we support everyone to take quick and reliable actions against natural disasters.

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