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Railway weather observation system


We propose the latest railway weather information system that accurately and instantaneously reports the weather conditions along the railway line to the operation command center.

Railway weather information networking

Weather conditions that affect the safe operation of railways include strong winds, heavy rain, heavy snow, storm surges, dense fog, and earthquakes.
Anemometers, rain gauges, etc. are installed at various locations along the line, and the existing communication network is used to consolidate data to the operation command station, ensuring the safety of the train by quickly and accurately capturing the changing weather conditions. It is.
Our anemometers, rain gauges, and railway meteorological observation systems have been adopted by railway operators nationwide, and are playing an active role in helping trains operate safely.

Signals from various sensors such as Wind Speed ​​and Direction meter, rain gauge, water level meter, and seismometer, which incorporates the latest detection method, are converted to IP and delivered instantaneously to the operation command center via the communication network.
Aggregated weather information can be displayed in real time from anywhere on the network.

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