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Road weather observation system


Provides road weather information that is indispensable for road management, such as strong winds, heavy rain, snowfall, and road surface freezing.

Weather phenomena, such as traffic restrictions due to strong winds and heavy rains, and slips due to snowfall and freezing on the road surface, can sometimes have a significant impact on the safe passage of vehicles.
We will build a state-of-the-art road observation system using various weather sensors and network-compatible communication processing devices, accurately capture meteorological phenomena, and promptly distribute observation data to road administrators.
Current weather perimeter 2 that accurately captures rain and snow using belt-shaped laser light, non-contact type temperature / road condition meter that detects road surface temperature and road surface condition (freezing, slip coefficient, etc.) without contact, laser light scanning We provide the latest sensors such as a laser snow gauge that accurately measures snow surface conditions.

● A variety of highly reliable sensors are available to suit the environment, such as snowfall areas and heavy foggy areas.
● Visibility meter has the function to measure not only visibility but also the intensity of rain and snow.
● Daily, monthly and annual reports can be printed and observation data graphs can be displayed and printed.
● Corresponding to various communications and networks, observation data can be distributed to other computer equipment.
● Observation data can be notified to the driver using the outdoor information display panel.

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