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Meteorological observation equipment for dam management


An important dam that plays the role of flood control and water use. We deliver meteorological observation systems to dam management facilities nationwide.

Dams include flood control dams for flood control purposes and irrigation dams for the purpose of irrigation water, water supply and sewerage, construction water supply, hydroelectric power generation, etc. Dams with both purposes are called multipurpose dams.
The scale and structure of the dam will change depending on its purpose and terrain, but in the maintenance of the dam, it is necessary to accurately observe various amounts of the dam such as water level and rainfall.We propose various water level gauges, rain gauges, comprehensive meteorological observation systems, dam body observation systems, etc.

● The Wind Speed ​​and Direction meter can also select a specific low-power wireless Wind Speed ​​and Direction meter in consideration of the observation location.
● We propose a hot water type rain gauge with a good supplemental rate in winter.
 It is possible to attach a clogged water filter jointly patented by the Japan Meteorological Agency.
● The temperature / humidity observation tube uses an integrated ventilation tube (elemental ventilation method) adopted by the Japan Meteorological Agency, taking into consideration the environment in which fog is likely to occur.
● The wireless thermometer can be wireless or wired. For the water intake management of the lake surface, we recommend a crystal type thermometer with good precision and no secular change.
● The data logger for data recording and processing conforms to the statistical processing method of the Japan Meteorological Agency and performs high-performance 32bit high-speed processing. (Seismometer, water level meter, leak meter, etc.)
● In order to reduce running costs, it is possible to install a paperless recorder that can print only when necessary from a conventional analog recorder.
● You can add a phone call response device.

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