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Meteorological observation equipment for radiation monitoring


Air environment and radiation are constantly monitored around the environment measurement stations and nuclear facilities in Japan.
In addition, the Ministry of the Environment and the Japan Meteorological Agency as well as nationwide prefectures, municipalities, and nationwide measure acid rain.

Meteorological observation system for radiation monitoring

Movement, diffusion, and dilution of pollutants harmful to the human body, such as radiation emitted into the atmosphere, are greatly affected by topography and weather conditions.
For this reason, in addition to wind direction and wind speed, we measure temperature, humidity, solar radiation, radiation balance, snow cover, precipitation, etc. in addition to wind directions and wind speeds around the country.

This system is installed in the vicinity of nuclear facilities and is a meteorological observation device for continuous monitoring of environmental radiation.
Highly accurate observation is possible even in cold regions by using a highly reliable sensor that conforms to the official instrument of the Japan Meteorological Agency.
In addition to weather observations, lightning observations (detections) that affect radiation measurements may be performed.

● The transmitter uses a highly reliable product that has been delivered to the Japan Meteorological Agency.
● The rain gauge uses a hot water rain gauge that is excellent in catching.
● Use a blower to remove snowfall from the pyranometer transmitter.
● The rain sensor is non-directional, and the electrode uses a polymer film with excellent weather resistance.
● Process with a data logger and save the data on the CF card.
● The large basin has a Teflon finish that makes SUS materials less susceptible to dirt.

■ Product details

Process and record the signals of all sensors in the observation station with the data logger CK-4100. The logger uses a RISC computer, and the processing speed is fast, and the data is recorded on the memory card, so it can be sent again even if communication failure occurs.

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