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High-quality weather observation solution
Delivered in one stop.

ANEOS wants to be the customer's “meteorological observation solution partner” with its strength in solution proposal capabilities based on the world's highest quality x advanced technology. Therefore, we offer one-stop services from product development, manufacturing, system design, construction and maintenance.

The observed data is processed and quickly transmitted using ICT technology such as IoT and cloud. We always propose advanced weather observation solutions that incorporate the latest technologies.

Weather observation requires accuracy and speed in all fields. During torrential rains and typhoons, the lives and lives of many people can be instantly jeopardized.
We deliver meteorological data that changes every moment to the spot where decisions are made as soon as possible. To that end, we are actively searching for the construction of a speedy and reliable weather observation system by actively incorporating the latest technology every day.
ANEOS has promoted the use of ICT for weather observation solutions ahead of the industry. Responding to advanced technologies that are constantly evolving, we regularly hold study sessions with external specialist staff to enhance our ability to make proposals that meet customer needs.

ANEOS has inherited the high technology of Ogasawara Keiki Seisakusho, which has paved the way as a pioneer in the field of weather observation equipment manufacturing since its establishment in 1886.

With a focus on Wind Speed ​​and Direction meters, we have a track record of developing products not only in Japan but also in the world. Our strength is our ability to develop products with the highest quality in the world.
From the history of development over 130 years, we are familiar with the Japanese weather and are confident in product development tailored to the Japanese climate.
Our main products are not only developed but also produced in-house. Skilled engineers carefully produce high-precision products one by one, achieving a stable supply that combines quality and speed.
By operating the production line flexibly, equipment with a small number of lots can be maintained, and there are many observation instruments that are manufactured exclusively by ANEOS in Japan.

We have a full range of testing and inspection facilities that support quality, and contribute to the certification system as a “measuring measurer” of the Japan Meteorological Agency.

ANEOS is equipped with a system for conducting all tests in-house, including the largest wind tunnel facility (maximum wind speed 40m / s) among the domestic weather instrument manufacturers.
Furthermore, as a “certified measurer” for the seven categories of windmill-type anemometers, cup-type anemometers, overturning rain gauges, electric thermometers, electric hygrometers, electric barometers and snow accumulators, the Japan Meteorological Agency Director Instead of the registered certification body that received the registration of, it is now possible to perform instrumental measurement for the validation of meteorological instruments.
By applying with a measurement result report issued by ANEOS, you can obtain a meteorological instrument test without bringing the actual instrument to a registered verification agency.
This enhancement of in-house inspection facilities is a manifestation of our desire to reliably provide customers with high-quality products.

Not only the installation of meteorological observation equipment, but also responsible for maintenance and inspection and repair specialists.

The weather observation system is not the end of installation.
Maintenance is essential to enable continuous observation. In order to always provide the best service to our customers, ANEOS has a service partner company in addition to the directly managed service bases of 4 (Sendai, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka). We are developing a service network that covers
We regularly hold national agency meetings, exchange of opinions, and service classes to share customer feedback and values, and work together as one. Please leave the maintenance and operation after installation with confidence.

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