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We have installed a snow gauge for AMeDAS2020-12-17


On December 12th, it snowed intermittently along the northern mountains in the Kanto region, and at 16 am, the snowfall reached 10 cm in Fujiwara, Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture. The amount of snow that fell in the 151 hours until 16 am on the 5th was 24 cm, which was the largest amount of snow in the 128 hours since the start of statistics in 1989.In addition, the amount of snow on the 24th of the previous day was 15 cm, which was the highest number of days since the statistics started.
In R2, ANEOS received an order from the Japan Meteorological Agency for a snow gauge for AMeDAS, and the installation was completed earlier this month.
ANEOS snow gauges that use laser light are used in the business of observing the amount of snow in various parts of the country, in addition to AMeDAS.

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